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To shoot for the stars, you must first look up.


At Elevate Talent, our mission is you. The actors and actresses who call these mountains home. Whether you are new to the world of show business or a seasoned professional, we focus our efforts, our drive, and our passion into elevating you.
Our mission is to empower you with the skills needed to hone your craft and seek out every opportunity for you to showcase your talent. Each actor has his or her own stars they are shooting for, if you are willing to give your best, then we will mirror that effort in the journey for your stars.
We cultivate talent and we Elevate
We celebrate our successes and we Elevate
We grow from every experience and we Elevate
We honor the art of stage and screen and we Elevate

Who We Are:

David Layne is a seasoned film professional who has taken his passion for acting to help develop a new generation of performers. His talent, his desire to mentor others and his work ethic has been proven time and time again on set, behind the scenes and in the community. When David saw an unmet need in the Utah acting industry, his quick action ensured that many performers could continue to share their talents. Elevate Talent and its moniker comes from David’s unrelenting desire to raise others up and help them take their dreams to the next level.